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Location:Zanaris, Nauru
****This character journal is for role-playing purposes only. No infringement on existing copyrights is intended and no profit is being made.****
****Also, I do not own a crystal ball and I am not an employee of Jagex LLC. None of this should be construed as canon. Come on guys, seriously****

I maintain the fairy ring teleportation network, which would be an easy job if we fairies were the only ones with teleportation technology in the multiverse. But, the challenge of providing compatibility for disparate transmission protocols and technologies is fun, plus I get to visit very strange universes and peoples sometimes. And when that isn't keeping me busy, there is always something good on TV somewhere in the multiverse, and a malfunctioning fizgog that will pick up stolen cable. >:-D

If you must know my credentials, I have a PhD in Teleportation Systems Engineering from PoxStead College.

Fairy Fixit is a fairy, which means, according to this particular fairy tale, that she is inherently magical. Fairies seem to bleed magic, somehow. She is quite likely to talk about magic as if it were tech, however. It also means that she is quite diminutive, flies around on wings reminiscent of the forewings of Lepidoptera, and has a disproportionately large head. It probably has to be that big to accommodate her eyes. She also has a pair of plumose antennae, but those are usually tucked inside her hard hat.

Only royals develop forewings and backwings.

She measures around 51 cm or 1 foot 8 inches from head to toe. She's not exactly palm-sized and is probably too big to be just anyone's shoulder angel, so having her buzz by might be unnerving. Maybe two-foot-long dragonfly unnerving. Our fairies are different.

Contact post is here. Mun is [personal profile] not_my_sandbox

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battle of the network space krakens, bear with me, cats are jerks, dentin, dr. who, engineering, i'm a celebrity dog - get me out arf here, law & order: elevator inspectors unit, los dias y las noches de monsignor martinez, magic, mighty morphin texas rangers, mycology, networks, numberwang, police scientists: las vegas, teeth, teleportation, tentacles of our waves, the grey ghost, tmntz, tool time, wormhole x-treme!, wrench
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