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Stu, one of the game's developers, gathered up a bunch of in-game lore about fairies to answer a question in a Q&A. Yay!

I'll answer your question with some (paraphrased) quotes from in-game fairy lore:

"Zanaris is an extremely old place. It was here long before we fairyfolk came to live here. In fact it is rumoured to be the nexus of all planes."
"When we arrived here, we found many of the magical properties of this place to be dormant. One of these was the ability to jump between planes using a powerful portal that had been sealed for centuries."
"The Fairy Queen harnessed that magic and created the fairy rings. These are not as powerful as the original portal would have been, but are very effective nonetheless."
"Much as we humans would refer to our souls as our life essence, so too does a fairy have a life essence of pure magic. You could refer to fairies as magic embodied, and not be wrong."
"I discovered my first evidence of the race I would come to know as fairies in my exploration of the myriad nature worlds...On one dark world, teeming with all manner of fungi in its humid jungles and moist swamps, I met with a race of surprisingly intellectual mushrooms. They lacked mobility, but travelled and reproduced by dispersing spores that fused with the nervous system of local animals, allowing them to control the host. Bonding with me in this way, I was able to communicate with the myceloids. Friendly though they were, it took much persuasion to convince the symbiotic parasites to detach from my brain upon taking root."
"Another world teemed with insects. A culture of winged invertebrates that bore some resemblance to the fairies of Zanaris, but the swarms were mindless and tirelessly industrious. The migration of these insects - which was achieved through an innate ability to teleport over short distances - also seemed to have a direct impact on the local climate, for reasons I could not discern."
"This brings us to the moon of Zanaris, its dark magical forests, giant fungi and, as I discovered on a return visit, a network of fairy rings they had made from the World Gate I'd placed there."
"The fairies of Zanaris, caretakers of the world below, obviously shared a common ancestry with the creatures I had encountered on the nature worlds. However, they were changed, transcendent, inextricably bound to the abundant magical energy of Gielinor, in order to fulfil a specific purpose."
"The fairies are an embodiment of magic - their life-force infused with anima. It is why they work so tirelessly to maintain Gielinor's weather and seasons, for the planet's equilibrium is intrinsic to their own wellbeing. They have no choice. It is now necessary for their very survival, but they perform their duty without complaint."

I will have to find out if I can find the sources for these tidbits so that I can think about them in the proper context, but :D :D :D

This makes the fairies even more insect like and descended from swarming, maybe even social, insects which use teleportation as a mode of locomotion. And the fungi that the fairies interact with is an actual Cordyceps-like intelligent fungi.

Oh my. The fairies are probably a mutualistic symbiosis of these weather-altering, teleporting swarm insects and sentient Cordyceps fungi.
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