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The familiar clearing around the Zanaris teleport hub, now filled with astromagical equipment, dissolves away and is replaced by an island off the southern Misthalin shore and the grand Wizards' Tower standing on it.

"Wizard Chambers!" Fairy Fixit calls out. "I am here. Your instrumentation is set up."

"Oh, if only my instrumentation was set up; I could have captured data from the fairy ring when you came though," comments the wizard standing closest to where Fixit was hovering.

"I would appreciate if you didn't set up any magical equipment to study the fairy rings without my approval first. I am responsible for their maintenance and do not need them malfunctioning on me, ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THERE IS A GIANT WORLD DEVOURING PIG ABOUT TO IMPACT THE PLANET. FETCH ME WIZARD CHAMBERS NOW!" Fairy Fixit shouts, giving the wizard a cross look.

Chambers, bespectacled and in dark blue robes, comes around jogging and Fixit buzzes her way toward him. "Did I hear right? My equipment is ready?"

"Yes. It would be better if it were in some other location on the moon but Zanaris is at least a better location than a mountaintop here. So next step is getting a teleporter there."

"I was thinking a lodestone..."

"Are you mad? A lodestone? That is a huge and heavy payload and the rockets you proposed using aren't even close to being big enough to lift something that massive a centimetre."

"Actually, I wasn't planning on getting it there in one piece, and there are chunks or debris orbiting Tuska. They likely have useful minerals."

Fairy Fixits already large eyes open even wider. "WHAT?!"

The beast has a deep enough gravitational well that debris orbits it. No, nononono, this is wrong, it has to be wrong.

"I was about to leave to inspect a meteorite. I can teleport us both there and we can discuss logistics further there. Are you coming?" asks Chambers.

Getting over a stunning thought, Fixit nods. "Yes, sure, let's go."

The world blinks grey and fleshy, and the scene changes again. Before Fixit and Chambers stands a large, pockmarked hunk of stone and metal. "Perfect!" exclaims Chambers, "This might very well be iron, and it and the rock are probably attuned to the magnetic and other fields surrounding Tuska. You know, I think I actually caught a certain blue giant trying to attack Tuska, but she was shielded somehow."

Fixit is silent, staring at the meteorite, then says quietly, "Thanks for not saying his name. Or saying that he is a god. I know a lot of the wizards of the Tower are Saradominist."

"Even if I was a staunch Saradomist, seeing that would have made me doubt my faith..." Chambers says. "So I was thinking, actually, of using the rockets to send trained monkeys to one of the asteroids to mine it." He takes a small pickaxe off of his belt and approaches the meteorite.

"And these monkeys are going to mine these... asteroids, then built a forge, then learn enough magic to enchant a lodestone?"

"What, no. I was thinking..." he swings his pickaxe at the meteorite, "that you could help me with coming up with some sort of self-unpacking self-installing lodestone spell? Fungus magic might be useful." He manages to break of a chunk of meteorite.

"Or maybe even toothbeasts." Fixit ponders, trying to push the size of the meteorite out of her thoughts.

"What?" Chambers pockets the chunk of meteorite and starts swinging his pickaxe again.

"A creature created by spells I have been working on. They could help a lot more than monkeys; also a self-unpacking spell could be dangerous but -"

Another chunk of asteroid falls off, but this time accompanied by very large insects crawling out of the meteoroid. Out of the sleek black carapaces grew spikes sparking with energy. Their sudden appearance causes Chambers to backpedal. The insects start hoping toward him.

"What are those things?" Fixit asks.

"I don't know, they look like giant lice." The space lice hop closer, and Chambers starts running. "I somehow doubt that is how they communicate." One of the insects leaps at the hovering fairy.

And with that, Fairy Fixit decides to join Chambers in fleeing. "THE DAMNED GIANT SPACE PIG HAS GIANT SPACE FLEAS WHAT THE HELL I HATE THIS I HATE GODS," she screams as she pursues Chambers.

Chambers looks back to find Fixit buzzing in behind him while rummaging through her toolbox. "Oh thank Saradomin I thought that you were one of them and that they could fly!"

"I hate you I hate Saradomin," the fairy grumbles, "here you are!" She lifts a wand out of the toolbox and points it at the insects closest to catching up. The wand makes several thwip sounds which are followed by chitinous cracks. The insects convulse on the ground before the fruiting bodies of some odd type of fungus erupt from the joints in their carapace and release a cloud of spores.

Chambers starts coughing. "What was that?"

"A strain of Cordyceps I modified to be indiscriminate about its host and with a super accelerated and shortened life cycle. Don't worry about the spores, they are non-viable." The wand makes more thwipping noises.

Chambers has a coughing fit. "I don't think my lungs care if the spores are viable. I have a good enough sample, let's go." His coughing gets worse. "Preferably before I die."

Fairy Fixit switches wands and casts a spell on Chambers that envelops his head in a bubble of cleaner air. She flies to Chamber's side and tells him, "Okay, we're going."

They both disappear leaving behind several dead insects and the meteorite.
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Sometime ago ruins covered in Aviantese writing were discovered south of Falador and... taken over by a wizard keenly interested in teleportation. Her glee when she found among the ruins a portal focus was hardly containable. It was something that hadn't been used since the Third Age, yet Avalani manage to get the portal spell energized and working on her own and managed to hit the moving target the other end of the portal was intended to connect. After a few tries.

And this was before the Aviansie and their god of 'Justice' Armadyl made their way back to Gielinor so they could translate the writing for her. Not that they would have. The lord of justice would have seized the flying citadel at the other end of for himself and erected his anti-god weapon there, likely. The 'peaceful' Aviansie built their war tower southeast of the ruins instead, respectfully reclaiming what was theirs while not imposing on the humans who have since settled there. Too much. Pfah.

It was still a very much hacked together thing. One that Avalani still watched and studied closely, and one she believed was still 'off-the-grid' in a sense. So she was surprised when a fairy came buzzing through the portal, carrying a large gem bag beneath her. Then a look of consternation crossed her face when she realize what the fairy's arrival might mean, especially since the fairy was dressed in overalls and a deceptively floppy looking hardhat. "Fairy Fixit, I presume," Avalani says, wry.

"Wizard Avalani? I hope you don't mind me using your portal. It is very impressive work for something done with out Abyssal Services Department help," she says, smiling widely. "I only had to make a few minor adjustments."

"What? I was conducting research! You didn't connect me the fairy ring network did you?" Avalani asked. well, asked-demanded.

Apologetically, Fixit explains, "Oh, no. Well, technically yes but to a private and well secured small network and only temporarily. Sorry... I can explain what I did when I return from my errand, if that will make up for it."

Frustrated, Avalani sighs. "I was trying to understand the Avanasie magic used in the portal spell but now there is fairy magic scribbled all over it."

"Avalani, you are talented, but teleportation magic is teleportation magic, no matter who constructs it. Yes there are stylistic differences, but if that is what you are studying, your own human runic constructions are all over it. I can teach you how to better spot the differences in style too," Fixit reassures Avalani. "When I get back."

Avalani begrudgingly nods, "Fine, just go before I try something stupid."

Fairy Fixit begins flying away when she stops and asks, "Have you thought of joining the Abyssal Services Department? We could really use people with your talent, and it's a great place if teleportation magic is your interest."

Avalani just grunts in response.

Fairy Fixit arrives at the Makeover Mage's cottage carrying the gem bag.

Pete, or Peta, depending on the Mage's mood, has been offering complete body makeovers for years now, but officially, it has only been human to human transformations, and just sex switches and ethnicity changes. But Peta, or Pete, depending on the Mage's mood, did species change on the side.

When Fairy Fixit knocks on the door, it is Pete who answers. "Fixit! Ready to become male yet?" he asks, grinning.

Fixit starts blushing, hard. "No, Pete... No. Though I am sure we could use an extra male due to recent losses... No." She clears her throat. "No, I am here about that human male who wants to turn back into a raven? Do you remember?" Memory loss could be a side affect of all that gender switching Pete performs on himself. Maybe.

Pete chuckles. "I am joking. Of course I remember. I wasn't expecting you to consider it that much but if you ever want to consider it further, I am here for you. You know that it doesn't have to be permanent either."

Fixit gives him a level look, and flies over to an empty countertop to dump out the contents of the gem bag. She arranges twelve thin rectangles of bone, then starts pointing out, "six sections of a raven's sclerotic ring, six sections from a human's ribcage, a block of witchwood, one onyx, one bloodstone, and two red topaz."

Pete's jaw drops in astonishment. "When I saw your bag I thought you might be carrying something else, but..." He looks over the fist sized gems. "I've never seen a bloodstone that big. Those inclusions... it is almost a shame to break it up but I don't want to use the whole thing just for this."

"Yes, I know," Fixit says, watching Pete chisel away chunks of the rocks.

"This raven man, is he from around here?" Pete asks while putting the gem shards, wood, the bone chips, and a couple of pharmakos berries into a miniature cauldron.

"No, way off world. He says a human sized fairy did it to him to save his life."

"So not one of you then? That far off world that there are human sized fairies. Wow." Pete closes his eyes and chants over the minicauldron. There is a clatter inside it and he peers inside afterwards pulling out an ankle bracelet of interwoven witchwood, bone, and red, transparent stones with tiny cut gems of onyx, bloodstone, and red topaz studding it. "Now the fun part, testing!"

"Pete, no-"

Pete lifts his robe to place the ankle bracelet on his leg and taps it three times with a fingernail. Pete disappears and is replaced by a raven.

Fairy Fixit stares down at it, and when it spots her, it caws at her and shakes itself. It then beats its wings and takes off into the air. Fairy Fixit buzzes into the air to just in case. The raven makes short flights to get on top of various counters and shelves, then lands on the counter where the gems were laid out. Fairy Fixit watches warily as the raven looks up at her, caws, and then rolls over on its back and wiggles its legs at her, showing off the ring around one of its legs. The bracelet must have shrunk and changed shape; surely the effect of the witchwood and a secondary spell. The raven rights itself, then pecks at the ring around its leg.

The raven disappears and is replaced by Pete sitting on the countertop. "It works! And I managed not to shake it off, so that works too." He takes off the ankle bracelet and holds it out for Fairy Fixit. "That was fun; I am tempted to make one for myself."

"You'll owe me for materials if you want me to get more for you," Fixit says as she takes the bracelet and puts it in the gem bag. "I want your molars," she says with a grin.

Pete looks at Fixit with a face full of partially faux dismay.

"Oh, stop it, I am sure you can grow them back," Fixit says as she heads for the door.

Pete, now Peta, opens the door for the fairy. "That's not the thing. Loosing a molar hurts, likely. Are you sure I can't owe you a sex change instead?" Peta asks.

"You bribe me with teeth, Peta, not genitals, teeth."


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