May. 22nd, 2013

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So, turns out that Fairy Fixit was more active in the Fairy Resistance than I first thought. I was doing a canon review and during the briefing with the Tooth Fairy in Fairy Tale III, Fixit shows up in the briefing video and enchants a patch of soil for the purposes of growing tooth beasts.

That made me take a second look at the Tooth Fairy. Where as Fairy Fixit is an engineer, the Tooth Fairy appears to be militaristic, and in concept art she was tentatively called the fairy general. They are both blond and have the same down-turned pointed ears, and they both have a tendency to talk in jargon. Their ears seem to be unique among the female are unique among the fairies though that may be because of the very similar hats they wear. Both their hats hide their antennae, but both hats have a single antenna like thing in front. Fixit's hat has a dangling light source (think the esca of an abyssal anglerfish) and the Tooth Fairy's hat has a decorative feather-like thing up front. Since various insects can't fly straight without their antennae my headcanon says that these are replacement antennae. The fairy chef presents a problem for this bit of headcanon, though, since she also wears a hat that hides her antennae. Maybe her toque is roomy enough that it doesn't restrict the movement of her antennae. Both the Tooth Fairy and Fairy Fixit have very similar dressing styles beyond the hats/helmets. Elbow length gloves, knee high boots, puffy pants, but Fixit wears some sort of sleeveless top and the Tooth Fairy wear something more or less full sleeved (gloves over the sleeves) with epaulettes.


Well, maybe it is coincidence and the Engineer and Military Officer uniforms, if they exist, are very similar.

Unfortunately, there is no way Fairy Fixit and the Tooth Fairy are the same person, unless one of them can be in two places at once. Fairies haven't demonstrated that ability yet. They could be sisters, though!

OK, headcanon says it is so.

I don't know how much relevance that may have, though. The fairies of Zanaris might be living under some kind of bee-like Queen/Worker arrangement. Oh, probably not. But then where the heck are the males besides the Fairy Godfather, Slim Louie, and Fat Rocco?


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